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Changing Futures One Kid At A Time

Changing Futures One Kid At A Time



What programs do you offer?2024-01-17T22:08:04+05:30

We offer extensive tutoring services covering IGCSE, MYP, IBDP, AS/A Level curriculum across diverse subjects. Additionally, we provide support for assignments, IAs, RBAs, Extended Essays, and a range of other academic needs.

Can I customize my course schedule?2024-01-17T22:08:43+05:30

Certainly! We’re flexible with class scheduling, allowing you to tailor the days and timings to suit your convenience.

What is the duration of each class?2024-01-17T22:09:07+05:30

Classes typically run for one hour each, but we’re happy to accommodate custom durations based on your scheduling preferences.

Which platforms are utilized for conducting virtual classes?2024-01-17T22:09:31+05:30

Virtual classes are facilitated through the utilization of Zoom and Google Meet.

How does a trial class work?2024-01-17T22:10:05+05:30

A Demo session is free of charge and typically lasts for 1 hour. You get a first-hand experience to see how we teach and make an informed decision.

How is student progress and performance tracked and communicated to parents?2024-01-17T22:11:45+05:30

Through an exclusive WhatsApp group, the tutor, student, and parent communicate and stay informed about the student’s development, performance, and class schedule.

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